Business Resources

We are here to help you reach your goals and to provide the applicable business resources to accomplish such.  To that end, the affiliations with agencies and organizations through the following list are valuable resources that are available to you.

Enterprise Brant

Enterprise Brant provides financial and consulting services to businesses within the region.  In addition to their loan programs, the business consultant staff provide free business consulting, facilitate a wide array of business seminars and assist their clientele on getting started with growing their business.

Brantford-Brant Business Resource Enterprise Centre

The Brantford-Brant Business Resource Enterprise Centre helps businesses succeed, whether it be to business owners who are just getting started or established businesses who wish to expand their operations.  Their services include providing information, resources and free professional consultations on all facets of business needs.

Brant Jobs

Brant Jobs is your one-stop shop for labour market and wage rate information.  In addition to those metrics, they also provide a service in helping hire local employees as well as advertising job postings for your business.

Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie

The Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie is a not-for-profit corporation who plays an important role in labour force development.  Working in unison with other community partners, they identify key labour force issues and challenges and through these efforts, develop comprehensive and effective workforce development strategies.

Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce

The Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce serves the business community through government relations, education and community involvement, which has led to the evolution and growth of the region.  The Chamber is an independent, membership driven organization which allows them to develop local businesses and in so doing, the community.

Paris & District Chamber of Commerce

The Paris and District Chamber of Commerce was founded by a pro-active group of Paris and Brant County business owners, whose objective was to have a local Chamber that represented their needs as well as the needs of the collective community.  To date, the Chamber has grown and they continue to assist the local community fostering growth and economic development within the area.