The County of Brant captivates and stimulates, excites and entices and is a place meant to be experienced!

The County of Brant explodes with arts and craft of all genres, exudes architectural significance, infatuates with historic relevance all while providing one of the world's most beautiful and enchanting playgrounds for paddlers, fishers, hikers and cyclists alike.

The communities within the County of Brant are steeped with significance for every visitor.  For example, Paris is officially recognized as Canada's Prettiest Town and regarded as the Cobblestone Capital of Canada; St. George is proud to be tagged Canada's Friendliest Town; Burford has the distinction of being built on what was one of Ontario's largest Prairie lands & Oakland is the site of the last land battle fought on Canadian soil - these are merely the surface of the treasures found within the County of Brant.

Whether it is fly or sport fishing & paddling the nationally designated Heritage River - the Grand River, boutique shopping in the thriving downtown areas, hiking our many trails or exploring the many Cobblestone buildings, the County of Brant offers more than memories, it fuels exploration, inspires experiences & cultivates a thirst for more.